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What is the function of an electric motor in terms of electric power and motion? -

por Kali Murrell (2019-09-22)

The electric motor changes electric energy into mechanical energy.

What is the speed of a 3kW electric motor?
The speed of motion generated by a motor is not a function of its nominal power. The nominal power, 3kW in this example, is an indicator for the electric power consumed, and for the force available in the direction of motion. The speed of a motor is determined by its construction, and can cover an extremely wide range regardless of its power.

How does the electric motor function?
The electric motor function in an easy way. First, the electric motor should have a power input to make the coil heat, its called electromotive force.. In that way the coil and the rotor of a motor will have a called magnetism, so that the rotor cause to move. That is how motor function.

Function of AC motor?
To convert ac electric power into mechanical power.

What is the function of an electric generator in terms of electric power and motion?
It changes mechanical energy to electricity.

What is the function of motor in an electric circuit?
It draws current and power from the circuit and converts it to mechanical power.

Can electricity be used to create more electricity?
You can use an electric motor to turn an electrical generator, but the power output will be less than the power needed to generate the speed and power of the motor. If this were not the case you would have perpetual motion.

I want to power a breathable air compressor with an electric motor. can I attach an alternator to the motor to charge a 12v battery that in turn powers the electric motor?
No. It sounds like you are trying to create a perpetual motion machine. The problem is that the power you input suffers losses that are both mechanical and electrical so that the power you could get out cannot replace the power in.

When was the motion picture camera invented?
The motion picture camera was invented in 1891. It was capable of shooting with the sprocketed film. An electric motor was used to give the camera the needed power.

How the Operation of direct online Starter?
A direct line starter is a simple motor starter used to power electric machines. It works by coupling the motor to the power supply directly at full function.

How does a electric car motor work?
Simply as the clock move it also produce motion by the power of the battery. In electric car the is a storage as battery that store the charge and when the car require it it acceleration to it

Can an electric motor run another motor acting as a dynamo to power itself using a dc-dc converter?
Yes, but if you are asking if that configuration can be sustained, i.e. as a perpetual motion machine, the answer is no. There will always be losses associated with power conversion, and these losses make a perpetual motion machine an impossibility.

What can be powered by an electric motor?
An electric motor can power anything that needs mechanical torque.

What happens if you use synchronous motor in ceiling fans?
Synchronous motors are much more efficient at converting electric power into motion. However, the speed of the motor is controlled by the frequency of the electric supply. So a synchronous motor ceiling fan would be much more efficient, but the speed of the fan would not be controllable, unless frequency controlled power supplies (inverter power) are used.

Why are electric motors useful?
If you lose power the electric motor may supply power.

Does a hybrid car use a motor?
Yes, it has one electric motor and one gas powered engine. The engine creates electric power to turn the electric motor.

The current in an electric motor comes from?
Power plants (fueled by elements) produce the electrical energy that circuits to an outlet that you can charge an electric motor with a plug that is wired to an electric motor. Or if it is a vehicle with an electric motor, you electrically charge car batteries that produce the current to the electric motor.

Can a small generator power an electric motor?
If the output power of the generator matches the required input power of the motor - sure.

How does an electric airsoft gun work?
An electric Airsoft gun works with an electric motor. It has a built in rechargeable battery that provides the power to the motor itself.

Why are hybrid vehicles different from electric cars and gasoline powered vehicles?
hybrid vehicles run on both an electric motor and gas motor ... electric car run of a power cell the is charged by pulling it to an electric out let and or power box

What exactly is a brushed DC motor?
A brushed DC motor is internally commuted electric motor design to run from direct current power source. Brushed motor were first commercially application of electric power to driven mechanical load.

Will running a motor backwards generate power?
No. Motors can be run in either direction, clockwise or counter clockwise. However, mechanically spinning an electric motor will generate electric power.

Could an ac motor power an electric car?
Technically YES. But the source of power in Electric cars being DC through batteries, the motor must be DC and not AC.

What are cars with hybird and electric motors?
An electric motor is exactly that, using electricity to power itself. A hybrid motor is a mix between the conventional internal combustion engine and an electric motor, running on the electric when possible and switching to conventional when not.

Why is electric generator preferred during big function?
Because the function organisers need an independent source of electric power with the capacity to supply the right amount of power to the function. A big function needs many kilowatts of power and there is probably not a convenient building nearby that could supply power in the quantity needed.

How do you build an electric motor run a generator to power itself if the motor has a larger gear and the generator has a smaller gear?
You cannot build a motor generator set that would power itself. That would constitute a perpetual motion machine which, due to losses in various components, is impossible. Even though you spin the generator faster than the motor, the motor will be required to provide more torque, representing more power than the generator is capaple of producing.

How fast can an electric motor 350W go?
An electric motor cannot move. It can power something else that does move but you fail to list what it is installed in.

Why are hybrid cars not designed like diesel electric locomotives?
To a certain extent they are. The engine provides motive power when the electric motor does not have enough power for the task in hand. The engine also charges the batteries that run the electric motor.

Are a motor and engine considered the same?
An engine is a motor that converts thermal energy to mechanical work (more simply, a machine with moving parts that converts power into motion). A lot of people don't know what the definition of 'motor' is, so they ask this question because they are confused as to why people say things like, "It's got an LS3 motor (instead of engine)". And even some people that do use 'engine' and 'motor' interchangeably don't know the definition...

What is a fractional electric motor?
Usually refers to a motor less than 1 horse power.

What is a power tool?
A tool that is powered by an electric or pneumatic motor.

How does a hybrid car operate?
A hybrid car, operates on a gas motor, and an electric motor, charged by energy given off from the brakes or axles. The gas motor propels the car at the higher r.p.m.s, and the electric motor at the lower ones, because the batteries that power the electric motor aren't nearly as strong as a gas motor so to go faster the gas motor switches on, and you speed up. As you brake, or as the...

Is a power supply needed to run an electric motor?
Yes. To make something move, you have to add energy. An electric motor won't turn by itself.

What is the function of a battery in a electric circuit?
a battery in an electric circuit is used to generate the power supply.

What does a power steering sensor do?
Sensors detect the motion and torque of the steering column, and a computer module applies assistive power via an electric motor coupled directly to either the steering gear or steering column. website

Explain how an electric motor makes the toy car move?
Battery powered cars use a small battery to power an electric motor to drive the wheels.

How many amps does a 50 horse power electric motor use?
Need to know the voltage of the motor.

What is the function of DC power supply?
It supplies electric power to any equipment that requires DC power.

Can an electric motor run a generator to power itself?
An electric motor could run a generator to power itself, but this is a lossy system, so an outside power source would have to supply the power due to the losses. And if the motor was being used for anything else, the real power losted due to this other use would have to be made up as well. You don't get anything for free. No. This is perpetual motion, which is impossible, the problem is...

What is the function of brake motor?
The shaft locks when power not applied.

What is the definition of a power tool?
A tool with an electric or air powered motor.

How does the rotating function work?
This question is similar to "How does linear motion function? With the exception of the planetary system, first it must be driven by power. When driven and no load applied to it, then its just an object in motion. In other words a motion without load or work whether it be rotation or linear motion does not serve a function.

What are the difference between electric power tools and manual machine?
Electric power tools are run by an electric motor, whilst a manual tool needs a human to take the place of the engine.

Can you use electric motor on generator insted of petrol motor?
of course you can.but the purpose of electricity is lost here.generators run by petrol or diesel engines are used because you dont have a electric supply or there is a power outage.if there is no power how can you run the electric motor which runs the generator.hence the generator is always coupled with and diesel IC engine.

What does high-output electric motor mean?
High output could mean many things, but it probably means an electric motor with a lot of power for its size.

What is the function of a electric socket?
Its function is to supply electrical power via a plug that is plugged into it to supply an appliance.

What are the three power units in a hybrid electric vehicle?
The petrol engine, the electric motor, the batteries, and regenerative breaking.

What is the name of a step-up which increases the voltage of electric energy that is generated at a power?
This is known as an electric motor.

What is the difference between an electic motor and an electic generator?
AC motor produce mechanical power and absorbed electric energy the power generator produce electrical power absorbed mechanical power

What size of electric motor that requires wye delta starter?
10 hp and above motor power rating....

What are 5 differences between motors and generators?
Electric motor: Electrical → Mechanical - Electric Generator: Mechanical → Electrical A motor and generator perform opposite functions, but their fundamental structure is the same. Their structure is a coil mounted on an axel within a magnetic field. The motor is used to produce rotational motion from an electrical supply. In a motor an electric current is passed through the coil which forces it to rotate as the coil's magnetic field interacts with the...

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