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About Microsoft Excel in Microsoft Office:

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Microsoft Excel is also known as MS Excel. MS Excel is the electronic spreadsheet computer program developed by Microsoft for Window, Mac, Ios, and Android Phones. It is used to analyze data by using formulas. MS Excel is very useful and valuable in businesses, personal and institutional enterprises to maintain records of expenditure and income, plan budget and chart data. To, install MS Excel just visit to the official website of

Basic Skills for MS Excel:

Basic skills for the Excel user are sum or count cells, built a pivot table, create a drop down list of option in a cell, sort a list without messing up the data, use a formula to look up a value in a table, record and modify a simple macro, create a chart from worksheet data, apply conditional formatting using formula, and perform simple date and time arithmetic.

How many types of spreadsheets are there?

There are three types of Spreadsheets formats like simple table, excel table and pivot table.

  1. Financial Tracking: Most of the business uses spreadsheet to track financial data such as Lotus 1-2-3 and Google sheets. In this there is a clear presentation of expenditure and income and templates for budget spreadsheet.
  2. Data Analysis and Statistics: Data analyst use spreadsheet program to analyze data by using formulas. In this spreadsheet perform much calculation quickly. It is time consuming also like you can apply formula to a hundred of data points.
  3. Graphic and Presenting table: In this you present the data in the form of graph and table. These are similar to data analysis and statistics. Special formatting is required for these types of spreadsheets.
  4. Pivot Table: This is the different type of spreadsheet looks like a table. In this you can use filter each column has the drop down menu.

What things you can do In Excel?

  • Calculating: This is a customized calculator in Excel used formulas. You just have to enter the digit and the excel will give the answer for you.
  • Accounting: Many companies use Excel for its accounting functions like making budget plans, expense tracking, financial reports, loan calculators etc.
  • Charting: It is the way of representing data in a more visual way like pie charts, scatter charts, line charts, bar charts, area charts and column chart.
  • Inventory Tracking: Excel is very useful in tracking inventory. It keeps the details of each and every product in a organized manner before any problem comes.
  • Calendars and Schedules: In this you can make a content calendar for your blog and website. You can also maintain your daily schedule.
  • Task list: In this there is no need of pen or paper. You can also maintain a task list in Excel.
  • Check list: In Excel you can make check list like how many things you have purchased, you can make a tick mark on that and how many things are left.
  • Project Management Chart: It is really very easy to create a project management chart on Excel.
  • Time logs: As there are plenty of tools are available in the market but Excel is the original tool for logging your time.
  • Forms: In Excel you can create forms or even programs various drop down menus.