Constructing protocells: a second origin of life

  • Steen Rasmussen
  • Albertsen, Pedersen y Svanerborg Albertsen, Pedersen y Svanerborg Center for Fundamental Living Technology (FLinT) Department of Physics and Chemistry University of Southern Denmark


What is life? How does non living materials become alive? How did the first living cellsemerge on Earth? How can artificial living processes be useful for technology? These are the kinds ofquestions we seek to address by assembling minimal living systems from scratch.
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Rasmussen, S., & Albertsen, Pedersen y Svanerborg, A. P. y S. (1). Constructing protocells: a second origin of life. Pensamiento. Revista De Investigación E Información Filosófica, 67(254 S.Esp), 585-594. Recuperado a partir de