Holistic approach in biology and neuroscience

  • Javier Monstserrat Universidad Autónoma de Madrid


I propose the following reflections on the major issues that have been discussedin previous sessions of this workshop based on my professional and personalinterests in epistemology, cognitive psychology and vision science. I also hopethat my modest final contribution to this Workshop will open a window tointerdisciplinarity, to the psycho-bio-physical unity of knowledge, and to itsfoundation on the radical ontological unity of the universe. [...]
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Monstserrat, J. (1). Holistic approach in biology and neuroscience. Pensamiento. Revista De Investigación E Información Filosófica, 67(254 S.Esp), 733-743. Recuperado a partir de https://revistas.comillas.edu/index.php/pensamiento/article/view/1110