Raiders of the lost time On the need of a new metaphysics

  • Manuel Bérja Gallego Cátedra Ciencia, Tecnología y Religión Universidad de Comillas.
Palabras clave: Hawking, Penrose, God, cosmology, time, eternity, metaphysics


Hawking and Penrose are two leader cosmologist in the recent history of science who have proposed different models about the origin of the universe. From his earlier studies on the geometrical nature of spacetime they have extrapolated the physical laws to the own beginning of time. Trying to avoiding the outrageous singularities found in the first tick of time, they have constructed some geometrical alternatives with important metaphysical consequences. Frequently some journalists and pure non-philosophical scientists concluded that physicists can deduced a complete set of physical laws to explain the whole self-sustained universe, and therefore to wrongly demonstrate the non-existence of God. It was a white hot topic in the 1980’s that strongly returns nowadays in a hardly belligerent way. In this article we support the validity of cosmology to approach the study of the primordial universe, we state that it is improbable to have self-sustained physical universe, and we claim for a new fruitful interaction between scientific speculations and metaphysical considerations.

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